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Mad Mark's Creamery Entree Menu : Personal favorite "Signature Steak"

I am not much of a steak person. Although I would love to find even at least one steak I like. Now that I am yey old, I'ld say that I am pretty frustrated that I still haven’t found the "steak of my dreams".

I haven't even enjoyed a proper steak. Can you imagine that?! Not once nor even half (tragic really!). Wasting good money trying to find the steak that is "just right" (wait) or were they good, but to me it wasn't. I don't know (I don't mean to offend any steak lovers out there, it is just a personal feeling that I have). Like most people do I like my steak medium-well done, so it is not suppose to be rubbery and dry.

We were at Glorietta the other day and suddenly I had the extra energy to walk the extra mile just to get to Glorietta 5. I was eager to see what new stores they have there since the previous tenants have already moved towards the greener pastures of Glorietta 1 and 2. 

We barely walked around the ground floor and then suddenly hunger decided to act like a baby. We walked around and saw Mad Mark's. I really wasn't even aware that it was located there but I've just heard about how everybody LOVES their ice cream. Being the crazy ice cream lady that I am. I was eager to go there and give it a try.

I was at an ice cream parlor, but I didn't feel like eating ice cream. Weird (felt like I wasn't myself), steak at an ice cream place? Normally that would be a bad decision, but it has been the best one yet (I can't even stop yapping about Mad Mark's).

If you wanted steak, Mad Mark's wouldn't be at the top of the list. I don't think it would even be in the list. But truth be told! The prices of their steak are no where near the prices of the steaks that I've tried, but it's the best one for me!

So how do you go about ordering at Mad Mark's?

1.Choose your Entree

1A.) Signature Steak

Like all other steak places it goes by the gram/oz. They have 3 serving sizes you can choose from, depending on how much you can eat.
  • Healthy (150 grams) P225.00
  • Regular (200 grams) P285.00
  • Feast (300 grams) P395.00
To be really honest, I wasn't expecting that I would like, let along love their steak. For a P285.00? Felt like a scam. But I was soooooooo far from it.

On the menu, it says that their steak is *USDA Angus Strip loin which is selected and cut by Mad Mark’s himself for balance of tenderness and flavour. Well all I can say is that, he certainly knows his meat! 
Signature Steak with Bootstrap Steak Sauce
Regular (200 grams) P285.00 

If you are not up for steaks, well they do have 2 other things on the menu :

1B.) Creole Grilled Chicken P195.00

1C.) St. Louis Prime Grilled Ribs P395.00

2. Once you've chosen your desired entree, you will pick your sauce :
  • *Bootstrap Steak Sauce (chicken, beef, pork) - MUST TRY!
  • Rag 'n' Cajun (chicken, pork) - cajun inspired BBQ sauce with mild sweetness kick
  • Roasted Nut (chicken, beef) - mild and earthy sauce made out of roasted nuts and compliments grilled meats well
  • **Johnnie Double Black (chicken, pork) - a BBQ sauce with a uniquely sweet and tang balance, blended in smokey notes by finishing the sauce with Johnnie Double Black Scotch Whiskey
*great for Signature Steak
**great for St. Louis Prime Grilled Ribs

3. Choose 2 side dishes :
  • Hot sides : smashed potato/plain rice/garden grains/grilled corn cob
  • Cold sides : house salad/bacon potato/tenn slaw (a.k.a. coleslaw)
  • * +80 for additional sides
  • * +50 for plain rice
I was beginning to give up on finding the steak that is perfect for me. All the steaks I’ve tried had something wrong with them, not to mention the prices I had to pay for something I was not satisfied with.

It was really crowded at Mad Mark’s last week. No wonder that place is packed all the time. Not only are their ice creams great but their entrees as well. It is really affordable and not to mention BIG!

My dad the Melo's guy even complemented that their steak was good. He couldn't believe it himself that it was less than P300.00!

Moving along..

Of course the meal wouldn't be complete without drinks right?! Might choke to death.

When I saw that they had IBC 1975 Root beer Float. No questions asked. I had to get that. It was for P180.00 (It is a little pricey when you compared to Mcdo and Jolibee's floats haha!). I didn't know this, but you have to. *You get to choose which ice cream you want for your drink.

IBC 1975 Rootbeer Float

Over all I love my Mad Mark's experience! I could not wish for a better first time. But it was Ms. Iris who completed the experience. If all restaurants had her or a clone of her! Surely, their business will head straight for the stars! I will be seeing you again Ms. Iris! Job well done :)

The place is well worth your money from start to finish!

Visit their Facebook page : Mad Mark's Creamery

Instagram Acct : madmarkscreamery

They currently have 2 branches :
  • East Capitol Drive (near Poco Deli)- Kapitolyo Pasig
  • 2/F Glorietta 5

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