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Get the best of both worlds : Poppins Restaurant and Bar at Tomas Morato

A new restaurant for me is like a new disease. Groes right? But really, I cannot leave it at that. I have to know more about it. What a snoop! Yes, I do a my fair share of snooping around. It is not enough that I know it exists, I need to know what it is about, what it carries and what its affect will be on me. It is exactly how I feel about a new restaurant. I love the thought that there is definitely a new chef, new ambiance, new spin offs, etc.

I am an optimist when it comes to trying out new restaurants. I don’t like jumping to conclusions. Judging the place based only on its facade. I love to hear it out for what it has to say.

Now, my father is the big skeptic, especially with new restaurants. He wouldn’t be willing to try just for the sake, unlike me. The only time he would go near a new place is when someone recommended it to him personally or something  something. But if not, he needs a big push (from me) to get inside the door and give it a chance.

I thing that if we all would be doing that, by that I mean “waiting for recommendations”. No restaurants would survive since everyone would be waiting for someone else to try before going there. Which is a drag for me!

Now where is the fun in that! Well money is indeed no joke when it comes to dining outside. Even a dinner for 2 would start at around P500.00 above. If a minimum wage earner would do that everyday. He/she would still be in the negative. So yes, restaurant spending should be thought about well.

But I am the type of person who would jump off a bridge, even if I am scared. Living a life on the sidelines is something not for me. I love a great adventure (even if it kills me) and food adventure is a must!

I can’t think of a restaurant inside the mall where I haven’t dined at. So, the nearest place from Sm North Edsa would be Tomas Morato. It is the party place, but since I don’t party. Yes, I am a good girl. I look at Tomas Morato as a food haven and not as a gimik place.

There are just tons and tons of restaurants to choose from. Yes, some of them quite new and my mind is wrapped up in it. I have to try them out, well at least what I can in this life time.

Just in front of Il Terrazzo stands a new building that looks like the building from "FIX IT FELIX" game from "Wreck it Ralph" the movie. In that building stands several new places that looks pretty promising to me. I love the rustic vibe the place has. The place is great for "gimik-y" people. There is tons of space for people who smoke since every level has an open space.

Sorry for the bad photo of the building. I didn't do justice to the place
Poppins is at the bottom right corner of the building :)

The first place that caught my eye was POPPINS since it was just at the ground floor. The place is just small. Nothing big, but the inside is FANCY! Well the place is a restaurant bar (so there is a DJ's table right in front of the door entrance). Yes, there was music but the great thing about it is the food.

The place is also a little bit dim which I kinda dig because it feels all romantic and lovely. I am sorry about the photo. I used the night mode and it made the place brighter than it actually was. I promise it looks more romantic in person than it is on this photo :)

But, just the slightest thought of the word “bar” makes my dad mad. But I told him “Well it is a good thing I have you here with me, right?”. I would never be the type of person to go there with my friends on a weekend or whatever.

But even if it is a resto bar it isn’t the “tugs tugs tugs” kind of place. Well the place has good music. I love that it would be a good place for romantic date night (Minus the party music). But, it is cool if she is cool with it. Everyone I was with that night was skeptical about how the food would be like! Tsk Tsk Tsk..

I was the brave soul who said “Come on, if we don’t try this place, how would we ever know it’s good?”. Same old line I give when I wanna try some place new, good thing it still works! I rarely disappoint when it comes to my vibe in food and I have to say my parents do agree.

The menu was rather short. There were not pages and pages of things to eat. Most were appetizers since that is what drinking people order. But from what I saw standing outside was that all their entrées were pretty good. So I took a leap of faith and jumped in.

Prices ranged from P300-P500.00 which is the usual food range these days.

Can you guess what I had in mind for dinner? If you know me a even a little or read some of the previous entries. You would know that I would jump straight to the SALMON if there ever is one and there is! Since it was just a few days since I had my greatest salmon discovery. Yes, my standards were higher than usual.

But taking a leap of faith for something really brings you to a whole new level in life.

Well, salmon entrees are never cheap. So, even if it their PESTO AND WALNUT CRUSTED SALMON was for P490.00 I trusted them that they wouldn’t be disappointing me.

Pesto and Walnut Crusted Salmon

When the salmon came, it looked amazing and smelled amazing! But what swept me off was the Victorian plate! I am a sucker for everything Victorian. I also love the Victorian chandeliers that they have. I would love one in my room. I was thinking if only somehow I could take the plate to go? Haha

Presentation was 5 stars! The salmon was off the charts! It was insanely good, well cooked but still soft and juicy on the inside! It was like what I had at Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar. Perfectly cooked salmon, crazy juicy on the inside. Made me feel like I was melting from the inside out. It was accompanied by a good cup of rice pilaf, some asparagus and lemon. The salmon also had a good sweetness to it which is from the honey grapefruit glaze. Uhhhhmazing!

The SALPICAO AND PILAF RICE was for P350.00. It was a big portion for someone like me on a good day, I would say that it could be good for sharing. The marinade was amazing, the beef was so tender. The rice pilaf came in this super cute ceramic pumpkin-ish looking container which totally looked funky for me.

Those who were on a diet that night, broke their routine and ate away!

I remember how oldies would always say that we should not eat chocolate before dinner because it would ruin our appetite.

Oh contraire. Their CHOCOLATE CAJUN PORK CHOP was great! It had a huge chunk of meat. If I wasn’t so hungry that night it would feel like it was way too much. But it was just exactly the right size since it was 11 pm already! Worms were protesting, I had to feel them.

Even if it was a thick cut pork chop, the meat was still well cooked and was still juicy. The herbs and spices made the dish pleasant to my nose, although not all would agree.

And to break the spell of the old saying. The chocolate syrup on the side of the chops that was neither bland nor too sweet. It was just the right amount for dipping the chops in! Chocolate and chops remember!? It was dessert and Entrée together in one plate! BOOM!

The grilled herbed pork chop was served with skillet broccoli, haricot verts, peppers and 2 cute mountains of garlic rice and Poppin’s mole sauce (Chocolate sauce) all for P360.00. 

I was so glad that I did choose to eat at Poppins! They were perfect in every way. From beginning to end. I give their service 5 starts too! Very friendly chef and staff! :)

Always remember that if you do have allergies, you can always ask if there is "___" in the plate you would like to order. They would be more than willing to accommodate you and your needs.

For more information you can visit their facebook page : Poppins Restaurant and Bar
Follow their IG : @ilovepoppins

  • Or visit them directly at 1103 Tomas Morato corner Sct. Madrinan Quezon City
  • Or phone them at : 02- 332-5797

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