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Izakaya Den : Japanese food haven in Malate

Nothing complements Japanese food like KIKKOMAN (bow)

And whenever dining at a Japanese restaurant I would always love the sight of this sexy body with the red cap, not that I don't appreciate the beautiful condiment containers of other restaurants, but nothing beats simplicity.

By the looks of IZAKAYA DEN's facade, I was totally excited because I feel like a lot of Japanese people eat here (which would say a lot about it's authenticity) and also because I have seen the place for quite a while now and have been dying to see what the inside looks like. I have passed by this place over and over again, but never had the time to stop and give it a try.

.... Til now! For the longest time, my mind has been constructing the inside of this place! Seemed to me like it is the Japanese "A" place to be and it is! And I would always see a ton of cars parked outside whenever passing by.

I love restaurants that have a sit down place like this. I love taking my shoes off for a good meal. But of course not when my feet are wet and.....stinky haha! For me it just gives you the whole Japanese feel. Don't you think?

You must be thinking.. eeh not bad! Right? But I was expecting something else! Something I can't say out in words. But I was just expecting... something else. The place is actually not half bad really.

Here was what I saw first hand. I know the place looks fine, it looked like a normal Japanese restaurant but my crazy mind created a whole other dimension/expectation, an expectation so different that when I stepped in, I was lost. Or was it because there were not much people around when we got there.. So there was not much excitement going on.

Now, I haven't been to Japan, but I heard from a friend, that this is actually how some restaurants in Japan actually look like. But the food did make up for my shattered (unrealistic) expectations.

Just pardon the yellowish photos and bear with me. I promise the food is great.

Our 1st candidate.

I never understood the hype for California Maki, but it is weird that I am a mad man over its brother CRISPY CALIFORNIA MAKI. Weird right? Kind of like saying I don't eat "kambing" but I eat lamb. Whatever!! HAHAHA

But this bad boy is the sexiest beast! OMG. I love that somebody thought of this. Holy grail of all Maki's. But if you ask me, there was just a little too much rice in it, kind of made me full prematurely.

But the crispy thingies on it were AWESOME, made it impossible to leave some for take out!!! Their rice was actually different (good) if was soft like a baby's butt! Kind of just melts in your mouth!!


And the drinks, I don't know why I love RED GRAPES so much whenever eating out! But oddly, I would never drink fresh juice shakes at home. I actually tried to make some for myself at home, but the taste is just never as good as the ones in restaurants. I wonder why..

Now that we live in the world of Mr. Yabu, Mr. Ginza Bairin and all other Mr. Katsu places and they have created a whole new line of yumminess. But still nothing beat old school places like this.

I don't know what's my obsession with cherry blossoms. But I can't help but want to take this gorgeous saucer home!! But I can't! That would be stealing. Haha! But the flowers were calling out to me! Seriously, so pretty.

And what I thought was gonna be our appetizer turned out to be our dessert. It came in last or around half way through the meal. But none the less, it was still good. CRISPY SALMON SALAD (P320), I'll take you no matter how full I am. It was topped with a ton of salmon. Super worth it! <3

You really cannot judge a restaurant by looks alone. You really have to give it a try and judge afterwards. And even if I was totally disappointed with what I first saw, I was glad I stayed to try their meal.

They also have lunch sets for affordable prices! I would totally go back here and try out their other dishes.

Facebook page : Izakaya den

Branches :
1555 C.Adriatico Street, Ermita, Manila (near Robinson's Ermita)

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