Sunday, August 18, 2013

SAMURAI killed all other Takoyaki

     Whenever we go to the grocery at Sm Supermarkets, I would always look forward to reaching the cashier. From there, there would be several picka-picka foods to choose from. SAMURAI would always be my first choice. My big brother was the one who introduced Mr. Samurai to me. It never really occured to me that was a takoyaki, I only knew it as Samurai balls. I feel like there is this special bond between me and my childhood favorite foods and this is one of them.

     I was at Cash and Carry last night and when I got there I immediately went to the food court located at the 2rd floor because I was craving for some. It is really affordable it only costs P35.00. It has been a while since a few of their branches have already closed down. If you like takoyaki and has never tried Samurai. This is the perfect time!

Samurai's Takoyaki (P35)

Cash and Carry Branch

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  1. Its the best right! Dati sa megamall pa namin binibili yan :)


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