Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ozaki for IPad

     If there is one thing I love about Apple products, it is that they have countless number of protective cases to choose from. I have bought several different brands and types of cases for my precious Ipad 2. OZAKI was the best for me. I love how creative and versatile their products are. They have designs for different types of personality and colors you would certainly like. Their products are well crafted and certainly worth the money for me.

     I have been scouting stores for a new case for my Ipad, but I can't seem to like any of them. I went on the internet thinking that I might find something that I would fancy. I did! I found OZAKI. But it seemed to me like they don't have it here in the Philippines. All the cases I found at the stores were boring and out of date. I decided not to buy, but when my old trusty Ipad case seemed to be in the verge of death. I went back to the mall and when I spotted the Ozaki Icoat (Slim-Y+) it costs around (P3,495.00), The collection has 7 different colors, each with a different design. When I saw the Baroque in pink, I knew she was the one!

     Inside the package is a cardboard manual on how to place the Ipad, remove/add the accessories and how to protect and clean the case.

     The Ozaki Slim-Y+ has a Y-TECH feature gives it its 360 degree versatility. The case also has a built in stylus holder that fits perfectly with it's free stylus. The package also contains a stylus holder where you can place your pen in. It also has the amazing function of the smart cover that allows the Ipad to its sleep/wake function.

     The product can be positioned 5 ways
  1. Landscape

  2. Portrait

  3. Sitting View

  4. Typing View 1

  5. Typing View 2
     It may not be the lightest case to carry around considering that the Ipad is a little bit heavy itself, but protection is protection. 

     They have also the O!Coat-Travel featuring several tourist destinations like Rome (Black), London (Navy Blue), Paris (Light Pink), Sydney Australia (Powder Blue), New York USA (Orange), Beijing China (Red), Taipei (Sea Green)

     For more products and design visit their website at

     I bought my Ozaki from ELECTROWORLD. I will be updating this if I see other stores carrying it.

Happy Shopping! :)


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