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10 steps to online shopping with ease care of JOHNNY AIR CARGO

     I love love love online shopping. But there comes a time when the thing I want is out of reach. Literally! So I was left with the dilemma on how am I gonna get it!? Since the thing and I are worlds apart, I am loosing my mind thinking of how how how will I be able to get it?! But in a blink of an eye, comes this beautiful prince to save my life! Mr. Johnny Johnny Air Cargo also known as JAC EXPRESS or JAC. Saved my life and saved me money at the same time.

     I was planning on buying a book but it wasn't available in any local bookstore here. Down payment for ordering the book alone costs way too much than what I was expecting and to think I have to wait about 3 MONTHS! Not worth it. With the money I was about to pay them, I need to get my book ASAP! Unacceptable for me. I was a little worried at first to buy online from Amazon, and to think that they would be shipping it Internationally, I was thinking what if it gets lost in transit!? What am I gonna do now. I was left to gamble, thing is I WON! whoooo :) When I saw JAC online. I was like TAKE MY MONEY (with an insane persons voice)!!!!! JAC is seriously a really great shipping company if you want to buy things from the USA and have it delivered here to the Philippines, isn't that great?! NO! because it is even better! They can ship it directly to your home, saving you all that trouble of picking it up and carrying it around with you.


1. Buy something from Amazon, Ebay or any online shop (in this case I bought my book from Amazon)

    JAC is your typical shipping company : which means that you pay whichever is higher volume or weight.

-Minimum of 2 pounds : $5.99 per pound + $5.00 handling fee

-Branded/Cultured bags, electronics, commercial quantity, metal, aluminum and taxable items : $6.50 per pound + $5.00 handling fee

-additional surcharge for : laptop/mini laptop : +$50.00 per piece

-branded bag, itouch, iphone, ipad, tablet, e-reader, and other similar devices +$25.00 per piece

-jewelry and watches : $500.00- below $1,000.00 +$25.00 surecharge
                                $1,000.00 and above : +5% surecharge

the rates are inclusive of customs duties and taxes. but excluding delivery fee

2. Instead of having your home address in the Phil. written there, you give them JAC's address in the USA. This is how your delivery address would look like in Amazon;s address book

Analyn Diego/ YOUR NAME
6904 Roosevelt Ave.
Woodside, New York 11377-2993
United States
Phone : (718)-672-7080

3. Choose what type of shipping you want. (note that the shipping you choose here is the shipment of your package from the store to JAC's office address in the USA). Some sellers offer free shipping, but it takes about a week or more. I chose the STANDARD SHIPPING but I had to pay $3.99 for 3-5 days shipping

4. Once payment is confirmed. Amazon will email you an ORDER CONFIRMATION NUMBER.

5. Forward the Email to "Miss Analyn Digeo" at Along with the email you forward, you will have to tell her your 

COMPLETE HOME ADDRESS in the Philippines
of course your NAME.
Item description and branch you prefer to pick up the package

       She will respond with the utmost kindness that she received you email and welcome you to the world of online shopping!

NOTE : Order confirmation number is different from the SHIPPING CONFIRMATION NUMBER and TRACKING NUMBER. You will only receive your tracking number and shipping confirmation number if the company has your package IN TRANSIT to JAC's address.

6. When Amazon has your package in transit you will receive the  SHIPPING CONFIRMATION NUMBER and TRACKING NUMBER

7. You will again have to forward this information to Analyn so that she would be expecting and tracking the package for you.

8. You will be notified if your package has arrived to Miss Analyn and she will be sending you your AIRWAY BILL NUMBER which means that your package is on its way to the Philippines! (YEHEYYY!!)

example: my package was send out on August 30 (Friday) and I received my package on Sept. 5 (Thursday) 4 days shipping. NOT BAD! :)

9. When your package is already in the Philippines, the branch that has your package would be texting you to let you know that you can already pick it up, or if you prefer door to door, they could arrange that for you and you would be paying the shipping fee from USA to Phil. + delivery fee for door to door service at home.(they have several branches here in the Phil. so they would be sending your package to whichever branch is nearest to you or to which branch you prefer)

NOTE : don't forget to leave an authorization letter, valid ID and of course the money to the person you are authorizing to get the package in your behalf be it picking up the package from the branch or when you are not home for door to door service

10. OPEN IT UP and ENJOY!!! :)
When you receive the package it should be sealed (I already open the box from too much excitement)

When you open the box your item should be plastic wrapped along with the Amazon receipt


     If ever you do not have a credit card, JAC can do the shopping for you. But note that you will be paying JAC directly with their in house FOREX RATE or exchange rate for short.

2. Fax it to (632)-810-7714

/ scan and email it to JAC.

3. They will update you with the amount due

4. Deposit the amount to their BDO Account

5. Fax/ scan and email the bank receipt to JAC.

6. JAC will order the item for you

7. Upon confirmation of payment they will send you the CONFIRMATION NUMBER

8. Wait for your package to arrive!

PRO : What's great about JAC is that they are fast. Their transit time from US to here is under a week. Unlike other shipping companies where you have to wait several weeks for your package to arrive here in the Philippines. Their cost is really a fair price for me, especially if you don't to wait anymore.

CON : I love them a lot but the sad thing is that they do not consolidate packages for you :(

     Here is the link to their 11 branches in the Philippines and 3 in the States : New York, New Jersey and California :  Johnny Air Branches you can also view their complete operating hours, contact number, and address. Their main branch in the Philippines is in Makati and you can call them at (632)519 5000, 519 9000,  519 6000  and ask for Genroel Vargas, Trixie Milan, Myla Ballesteros

    I almost forgot to say that they have JAC PLUS LOYALTY CARD (click the link for registration) for only P 100.00 where you can start earning points and use the points for future shipping and you will also get a chance to win in their raffles! I think this would be really worth it if you plan on doing a lot shopping! :)

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