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Muy Bien : Las Paellas Cafe

     In the busy streets of Greenhills shopping center. With dozens of restaurants to choose from I believe that LAS PAELLAS CAFE is one of the best Spanish restaurants I've tried. I have been here a couple of times and the food never disappoints. As you can see the restaurant name is Las Paella, therefore we must assume that they serve paella there. They do! They have 4 different paella's there, I am not sure if other Spanish restaurants have this too. But as of what I know they usually serve 2 types. The NEGRA and SEAFOOD. I know that sometimes a long wait is worth the wait. But for now I would say PASS to paella. I am just so hungry that I could eat a horse or not (that would be weird).

     I love Spanish food, there is something about it that just screams SEXY MESTIZA! and I love eating at the great ALBA restaurant, isn't it just amazing when you can choose if you would want to dine Ala carte or dine buffet style (at a specific time of course like during Lunch or Dinner), you can choose from their succulent Lengua to their perfectly cooked suckling pig! Did you feel your body shiver? I guess Lengua isn't for everyone. It wasn't at first to me. But if you had no idea that it is what it is. You might just like it. Talk about it on the car ride back home, and you just have to ask. WHAT WAS THAT?! And they tell you. IT'S LENGUA DEAR. And you feel your stomach drop, you wanna puke. But it was just that good that you didn't even bother throwing up. But then Buffets are save that for the cheat days, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.. So it is great they they do both Ala carte and buffet at Alba.
     But tonight we are at Las Paellas. Dinner is Ala Carte style of course. Whenever at a Spanish restaurant, you know there will be paella (it is like their DNA, burried in their roots) and we were thinking of ordering paella along with all the people in the restaurant but it just felt like our stomachs were growling already and cannot wait any longer than 10 minutes tops.

     So, we started dinner with a plate of HARVEST SALAD, which is their specialty of course. I loved the salad. It has fresh mixed greens topped with diced chicken, ripe mangoes and red grapes drenched in their house dressing! Superb from top to bottom! Gone in 60 seconds! :) I loved that the fruits were ripe for eating! Sometimes I dislike the taste of sour fruit in my salad and you are right, not a fan of vinaigrette dressings. I am more of a sweet person. Yes, both my attitude and my preference for food. Fair enough for P 210.00 but it would have been better if it costs less. I have always wondered why salads almost costs as much as the Main Entree. Has anyone have any explanation to this abomination!? :D HAHAHA

Harvest Salad (P210.00)
     After the appetizer was swept off the table, the main dish came. It was really fast considering that some of the people inside the restaurant who came before us are still waiting on their food.

     I always order salmon whenever restaurants have it in their menu. I am in love with salmon. I could gobble it up like a grizzly bear! But if the cook doesn't know how to cook the fish, it becomes unbearable to eat! You would feel "UMAY" in about 2 bites. But what I love most about Salmon is that it is great with whatever! Be it with wasabi, soy sauce, garlic cream sauce, mayonnaise, or even in soups.

     Las Paellas salmon was so fresh that it just slides off each other together with its garlic cream sauce. I haven't been the best fan of creams, something about the smell and taste. But this cream was just right. I also loved their garlic rice. It was perfectly cooked! Oh yes, there is such a thing as a perfectly cooked rice. Some restaurants do serve bad rice, all dried up and toasted and it is just sad! It is easy to eat a bad viand, but it is hard to ingest bad rice. Can you imagine sushi with a dried beaten up rice? YOU CAN'T!

Grilled Salmon
     Since I have already ordered their Salmon a bunch of times. So I chose to order their Roasted Black Angus. It was "TO DIE FOR" I swear!! It was the best Angus I've ever eaten! It was sliced just right. The meat was so tender, flavorful, and gravy-licious! The serving is fairly big for me. Had to pass off a few strips just because I was so full! For P 255.00, TAKE MY MONEY EVERYDAY! Definitely coming back for this, forget about the salmon! I was so happy with my choice for the night that it felt like I've gone to heaven and back! Actually when we have finished eating, the paella of the other table has just arrived. Good thing they weren't hungry yet or were they?

Roasted Black Angus
( P 255.00) 

     If you are actually planning to dine at Las Paellas and would like to order their special paella, I suggest you phone them 30 minutes in advance, so that when you arrive you would not have to wait that long for your paella to be served.

     By the way they if you are wondering they have 4 different viands:
  • VALENCIANA - Saffron rice with chicken pork chorizo, seafood and vegetables for P 510.00
  • MARINERA - Saffron rice with clams, mussels, shrimp and fish for P 510.00
  • NEGRA - Black paella with grilled squid served with yummy garlic mayonnaise. Originally called LAS PAELLAS for P 495.00
  • CHICKEN AND MUSHROOM - Classic paella with chicken and lots of bottom mushrooms topped with asparagus and chorizo for P 510.00

     One of these days I will be going back to Las Paellas Cafe to try out their famous paella! If you have tried it already, tell me how it was. Was it worth waiting 30 minutes?

     If you liked what I have written down and shared with you all and wondering where you can find Las Paellas Cafe? I can tell you that as of now there are only 2 branches :

  • Greenhills - 2nd floor Promenade

Tel no. 723-7485

  • Alabang - 2nd floor Promenade Entrance Festival Mall

Tel no. 842-6919

Be sure to check it out! Holla back if you liked it! Thanks :)

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