Sunday, December 1, 2013

Breakfast at Ling Nam

    I am not ashamed to admit that I am an addict. A sugar addict. I love everything sweet. Even my coffee tastes like sugar and not coffee. I have to admit that I am pretty scared of getting type 2 diabetes. Even my thesis had something to do with Diabetes. Everything has got something to do with sugar. So after a long while that I haven't gone to the doctor, I finally had the courage to face the fact that I need to check my fasting blood sugar (FBS) level looked at. So it was early in the morning around 8 am. God I hate needles. Even after 3 strikes of Dengue, I am still not used to the needle prick. Went there with clean dry palms but left there like I had just washed my hands. Sweaty.

     After the dreadful blood taking. I can finally eat a decent breakfast. It was too early for our usual time. But I didn't want a Mcdonald or Jollibee breakfast. I want something warm. Since I got my FBS checked at Hi-Precision in Del Monte, QC. We were near Banaue and what good way to start the day with noodles. Or so I thought!

     I love Ling Nam, whenever I am sick or just feeling sad. I crave for noodle soups, I don't know why, but there is this warm fuzzy feeling they bring to me when I eat. Kind of a warm embrace of a different kind. My go to sick food. If it is clam chowder for some. This is mine. What I love about it is that I have grown to love this food. Been eating at Ling Nam ever since kinder I think. I remember the time when we ate at Ongpin, and the place would be jam packed. You would have to share tables with people you don't know and feel as if you know them. No awkward feelings. It was the perfect place to eat that morning. With the sun shining and with the super blue sky.

     Learned the hard way that LING NAM doesn't serve noodles until 10 in the morning. We never ate at Ling Nam this early for 15 or so years. After all this time. I didn't know. Or was it just in this branch? I felt really sad, but actually before I attempted to order my usual BEEF WANTON ASADO NOODLES, yes there is such a thing, 3 for the price of 1! It only costs P180.00. Which does the trick for someone like me who wants everything in their plate. No need to steal the neighbor's food away. So, I was thinking of ordering their BEEF TAPA MEAL which has the thumbs up recommendation for only P180.00 it comes with a free glass of Iced Tea and Egg of your choice. The first choice we make are always the best ones! 

     I never eat or order Mcdo's breakfasts, I don't know why. I have never moved on from the fact that they won't serve me my good old McChicken or Fillet-O-Fish for breakfast. Evil. 

     Anyway, their Beef Tapa was surprisingly really good! I don't know what is up with me but I have been craving Tapa for the past few days. We also had a midnight-breakfast meal at Cafe Adriatico the other day. Same thing, I ordered TAPA. TAPA MADNESS!! But they have all been great! Actually Ling Nam's tapa is a good competitor of Adriatico's Tapa. Minus the ambiance and serving size. It is a good substitute. I don't eat atchara but mom says it's pretty great! She loves atchara very much. So when she says it's good, it is. For P180.00 I am satisfied!

Beef Tapa Meal with Free Iced Tea and Egg
     There are a lot of places selling siopao. Some really cheap, some pricey. Siopao is everywhere. They are even sold in 7-11's, Mini Stop, etc.. But I don't know what it is about the stereotype that when something is cheap it is made of crap or it is unreliable, but sometimes we really have to be careful of what we eat. People back in the back back days are more honest that the people these days. These days, all people can think about is profit profit profit. They don't even think about what they do to their consumers. All the toxins we ingest just by the things we eat. It is really horrible. What happend to the good old goodness of the people?? Where have all the honest people gone??

     But since this giant siopao is P100.00 I am trusting that it is good for my tummy, and since Ling Nam has been around forever, I trust it. It has been a while since I last craved for siopao but sometimes you don't know what you want to eat unless somebody beside you is devouring it. But a certain somebody felt like the siopao is too small. So here is TAIPAO! When it came, I was shocked it's bigger than my face. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!! :) When you are feeling "sosy" or on a date, I don't think it is a good idea to order this. Even if I think that you should always be yourself. NOT ALWAYS! Save this for the time when you are too comfortable to even care! KIDDING :) This big thing throws poise out the door. Good thing there were just several people inside the restaurant, and they couldn't even care less about how I eat. So I ate my hunger away in a jiff!
     I left the place with the Taipao bulding out of my tummy. I was pretty happy! If ever you want a taste of the good old noodles from Ongpin but is too lazy or you just simply want to avoid the crowded place. There are several Ling Nam branches you can visit.


  • Binondo, Manila - 616 T. Alonzo St., Sta Cruz, Manila
  • Tel No: (632) 733.5231 / 733.5234

  • Quezon City - 765 Banaue St. Quezon City
  • Tel No: (632) 448.6232 / 743.3388

  • Greenhills, San Juan - Connecticut Park, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
  • Tel No:(632) 727-8811 / 722.7733

  • Shopwise Commonwealth Ave. - G/F 02 Shopwise Commonwealth Block 17, Commonwealth Ave.Brgy. Holy Spirit , Quezon City.
  • Delivery Hotline: (632) 932-1388 / 351-8801

  • Congressional Ave. - 2nd Floor Barrington Place Brgy. Bahay Toro Congressional Ave. QC
  • Tel No. 453-1588/ 453-1988

  • Ling Nam Transcom - Pasig City 
  • Tel No: 661-3388


  • Parkmal Mandaue City Cebu G/F Alfresco Unit 3 Ouano Ave, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City
  • Tel No. (032) 216-0161

     If you want more information regarding their Menu and Franchasing, you can check out their website by clicking this link : LING NAM

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