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SAC People, eco bags with personality!

     I may not be mother earth's best child, but I do love her and I do what I can for her. Eco bags were not the best solution for some just because back then it was PLAIN and BORING. Some of them were and is still BULKY and are NOT "BAG" FRIENDLY. Can you imagine putting this in your bag?

     I can't! Not cool. So I was really happy when I started seeing very colorful and fun shaped eco bags! They looked too cute that they didn't seem to look like reusable bags. When in storage of course! Some of them are shaped like cupcakes, animals, flowers, etc. Take your pick, they have it.

Magic Bin. Can you spot the ice cream? :)

     Since there is a NO PLASTIC ORDINANCE in most of the cities in Metro Manila, I really think that it is a good idea having an eco bag within my arm's reach. Especially if I need to pay P 2.00 for each plastic bag. It is not that I am stingy but it is so pointless for me to pay that extra 2 pesos, when in fact when I get home. It would just sit with the other thousands of plastic bags that we have. 

     But seriously I think that the fact that we can still purchase them if we want to, DEFEATS THEIR GOAL of ridding plastic bags for goodIt is the people who are irresponsible, they do not dispose of their trash properly. Or is it because trash bins aren't as available as they need to be? 

     I just pray that SOMEDAY. Someone would just put TRASH CANS EVERYWHERE!
  • every corner of the mall
  • every end of an escalator
  • beside the elevator
  • beside an entrance or exit door. 
     If people would actually see waste bins, they would have the decency of putting it there instead of "FAKE UNCONSCIOUSLY" dropping their trash. RIGHT??

Even just one person can create a difference!

Remember super pig from the Simpson's?? That one final waste thrown to the water/lake made the whole community suffer. (Sorry, I have just recently watched the Simpson's movie and I thought we can all learn from it)

 The paper bags they replaced plastic bags with are ridiculous. I KNOW!
  • How are you suppose to order loads of take out food without having its guts spilled out everywhere the moment the moisture of the food and drinks sets in?
  • In the supermarkets, how are you suppose to carry kilograms of fresh or frozen meat with paper thin bags?
  • How to buy milk and keep it in the bag? 
     Good thing someone replaced all this with what they call eco bags. OR WAS IT JUST A MARKETING STRATEGY?? LOL! Sad for the one's producing plastic bags. But still it can't replace the convenience of what plastic bags brought to us.

     But since we cannot do anything about it, FOLDABLE ECO BAGS ARE THE WAY TO GO. I find that carrying a 26L x 17.5W inches when opened and roughly 3.5 x 2 x 1.5 inch when folded. It is practically weightless, convenient and practical. It barely takes up space in my insanely small, medium, large bags! It could even fit the back pocket of my jeans. For those who carry insanely expensive bags, this would be nothing for you because the plain ones are only P150.00 and the ones with designs like mine are P300.00 and it will truly last you a long time don't worry. :) Another great thing I like is the little snap flap that prevents your eco bag from exploding inside your bag.

This tall
This wide

This thick, but it flattens in your bag so it is actually less that what it is

     When I go out and buy something I just prefer to just put everything in my beautifully crafted eco bag from SAC PEOPLE. But I prefer to limit my eco bag's use. It is just used for shopping convenience and for my occasional grocery shopping. I have been with this princess eco bag for quite a while and has done some damage to it by placing loads of heavy stuff inside, and it still holds up! I practically place anything that I need to hold in my hand inside. I think I have placed over 3 kilos of stuff inside but it didn't seem to break. Good thing for me. It was really convenient whenever we go out that my Mother bought one herself. It is a good investment in this economy of paper bag take outs.

This is Mom's Pretty Nutcracker eco bag from SAC PEOPLE

     But poultry and fish is my limit. I still place it in those foldable cooler just because I would not like to carry the smell inside my bag after its use. YES! Even if you wash them with soap and water. It will not be the same, I would know that they have been in contact with meat germs. So I need this bad boy to do the containing for me.


Insulated Cooler
Keeps the smell of the car flooring
Keeps the liquid and moisture from spilling

I just love how SAC People made tons of designs to choose from.

Their are designs for kids, boring adults, adults who feels like they are kids, coffee lovers, or ninja lovers

From a shoulder eco bag, to a sling eco bag. 
From a plain eco bag, to cupcake eco bag, to princessie eco bag. 

They have it all for you!

This is my super pink Rapunzel eco bag! 

     You can save the environment, maintain your stylish look, and project your personality with this eco bag. I actually see a lot of people using eco bags as their BAG bag.

     If you still don't have one, you can go to their nearest branch and get yourself or the people you love the most durable and stylish eco bag there ever was! It is also a great gift idea for this Christmas Season as you can see it comes in this very cute ECO BOY box!

Great idea for this Christmas

Visit their stores in :
  • Robinson's Magnolia, 2nd floor
  • Sm Mega Mall, 2nd floor
  • Alabang Town Center, 2nd floor
  • Trinoma, 2nd floor
  • Glorietta 1, 2nd floor
  • Mall of Asia, 2nd floor

 So which eco bag are you? :)

If you would like to see their vast collection from the comfort of your home

Be sure to check out their website at SACPEOPLE.PH to see if you fancy any of their designs!

because they have already launched their website!



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