Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I love spending holidays with my family and friends. People now a days are often too busy to even breathe and check up on themselves. Some are often tired from work that they just prefer to stay home alone and relax. But I've never been the "home buddy" type. I've always loved hanging out with my friends. Out as in out or till the mall closes out. Holidays are never complete if I don't get to hang with the people closest to my heart, it leaves this empty empty void in my heart. It wouldn't stop until I get to see them.

Since most of my loving friends are still in med school or still in school. I barely get to see them. But distance was never an issue. True friendship can stand the test of time.

Since it is now the perfect time to be with my loved ones. We decided to hang out even just for a while since most of them are gonna be going abroad or spend the rest of the vacation someplace else. But where to go? Since Robinson's Magnolia is the new 'IT' place. Since it is new. The place is so clean and cold. It's new alright, but did you know that there are several new malls just around the corner. In the near 2014 or so..

There are several great places to eat at at Rob Mag, but my friend and I were brave enough to try out Misohana. We actually patrolled around other restaurants to see if we were craving for something. Nothing came to mind except RAMEN! Poor old Mr. Nissin. Nobody thinks of him whenever craving for hot noodles.

There are actually several other places like Ramen Bar or Miso Ten. But since Misohana is the new Ramen place. We decided to try it out!

We checked out Ramen Bar before dining at Misohana and saw that the former had a lot more variety to their menu as compared to Misohana. But it was not that bad. I actually loved their salad. I am never a salad person but whenever I am with my friend Sel. We always order salad. I really don't know why. I never asked why. But I love having great adventures with this girl! Best friend the world ever gave :)

Misohana has a simple modern welcoming ambiance. I don't know if it's just me. But orange seems to be around lately. All day long I can see orange bags, orange shoes, orange chairs. Who knew orange would one day be cool! I remember when I was a child, people would always ask you your favorite color and the usual colors would be pink, blue, yellow, red.. I seldom hear orange, and if someone said that they like orange, people would react funny.

Come to think of it. It is really eye catching and I really like oranges, as in the fruit. :) I can never have enough fresh orange juice! Mabuhay ORANGE!

Whenever eating at restaurants I like looking at their table mats. Seems so simple but it really should not be taken for granted since it is the thing most people first see when they sit down. Impressions really lasts. I love how some have super cool or pretty drawings. Some have activities for kids or should I say some has a blank sheet and crayons for kids. Shabby! Some are so cool that you just want to fold it and keep it in your bag, leaving the table to fend for itself.

She wanted Mango and Chicken Salad. So it will be. It was actually great. Yeah I know what you are thinking predictable mango + chicken. It can never go wrong. But the surprise was the dressing. It was roasted sesame seed. It was good! Had to ask for more and drown those veggies! For P260.00 not bad..

 Mango and Chicken Salad

The banged up dressing.. The serving you see is actually only half, because we have already asked the kitchen to split it into two :)

After the appetizer comes the ooh so simple food but I can't help but order. TAMAGO Sashimi :/ My mom always gets mad but got used to it. It is just egg. But what a perfectly cooked egg I say! Some of the best things in life are always the simplest. Don't you think?

Tamago always costs around P180-P280. Some restaurants are generous and gives you a big chunk, others not so much. I got big eyes when the Tamago came out. It was tiny :( The price was of course only P150.00 but still.. Good thing it was just the two of us. Or someone else's hand would get pinched!

Tamago Sashimi

I always wouldn't mind paying a little more for something that would make me happy. Instead of paying a little less for something "bitin".

We were not there for all the other stuff. The main goal was to get a warm bowl of noodles! Tantan Mien, Tonkotsu Ramen, all too familiar. Since it has been a while since I ate curry, we decided to get ourselves a bowl of Curry Ramen with pork slices. Uhm, I have to be honest. While writing this blog, I can't seem to remember if there were any. Just the one I think..

Curry Ramen
Their ramen ranges mostly P300.00 to P350.00. Which is not bad compared to all other ramen places where they go upto P450.00. Quality wise, that is another story. But, I should get myself another bowl of Misohana Tantan Ramen to see how it compares to other ramen places. Non the less, their curry ramen was not that bad.

If you drop by Robinson's Magnolia and you suddenly have this crazy ramen craving and you have already tried all the other ramen places there, be sure to check out Misohana :)

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