Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have you heard about HANUTA? Read about it here!

     I am the crazy chocolate lady. I even have my own little fridge in my room to keep my stash away from prying eyes and unwanted strangers. I practically save or spend half of my money for food alone. I was taught not to be stingy when it comes to food, good food to be exact. You can live without so many material things, but you cannot live without food. So to every waking day, most of my problem is "what am I gonna eat!". Even on my sad days where I have no appetite to eat, I would turn to chocolates for comfort. No chocolate is too expensive for me. Chocolates are said to have a special effect on people and they really do. Think about flowers on Valentines day, they have always gone hand in hand with chocolates. 

     Can you imagine your life without chocolates!? I can't!! That would be my world gone mad! I love sweets so much that I just felt like I am close to diabetes. Had to go to the doctor to get my blood fasting glucose checked! We can never be too careful especially when it comes to our health. My dad says that everything should be in moderation. But I just can't stay away from my little joys. How about you guys? When have you had your last check up? With all of us foodie people out there eating their hearts away. We mostly have no idea how much junk we eat. How much calories we ingest, how much sugar we gulp. I suggest that if you had not visited the doc for a while now. You please must go visit him right away just before it's too late, visit him now, now that you have the time to because it's the holidays! and people are on vacation, I hope some doctors are not. :) I heard they are workaholics! haha Imagine the hardship they go through med school. If they aren't workaholics, I don't know what they are. I wouldn't even last a minute inside. Good thing I never dreamt of being a doctor.

     Back to our sugar-y business.

     So hanuta is one of Ferrero's babies. But let us save that for a little later. Let us talk about how Ferrero practically changed most of the ladies life today. Every Valentines day girls would receive bouquets of flowers with a pack of 3 pieces or more if the guy really really likes you. It has been like that ever since I can remember it or a heart cake from the canteen of our school. I don't think anybody has really eaten that cake to be honest. I never did. It looked nice as a gift but not to eat. SORRY!

     So, who doesn't love Ferrero products? To be exact Ferrero Rocher. I have no idea what kind of person would not love it. Not unless you have allergies or what not. It has been used time in memorial for special occasions like Valentine's day, Birthdays, Christmas, etc. It is just so "gas-gas" but still very yummy! It hasn't lost its touch and I doubt it will any time soon. It has been such a big deal that it has been made into bouquets substituting the flowers that will wilt and die with in a week vs. yummy edible chocolate balls you can keep to yourself or share. I go for the latter without a blink but only to keep it for myself!

     Ferrero has a variety of chocolates to choose from and I hope the collections grows bigger. The famous Nutella is also made by Ferrero and it is all the rage now too. From tiny, small, medium, large, LARGE containers. I even saw a pack of 7 mini nutella container that is designated for each of the 7 days a week! There is this new contraption called nutella-go. Basically like our famous "school snack" Yan-Yan. Chocolate dip and stick biscuits. Some people just eat nutella straight from the jar and lick it off the spoon like it's a lollipop. Crazy but I've seen people do it. But Nutella-go is not worth the money for me. It is better to buy a nutella jar, and go buy bread or biscuit sticks separately because paying P100.00 or $2.00 is a bit too much for such a tiny tiny, did i say TINY THING?!?! I was so disappointed with nutella-go :( For the others out there who has tried it, did you feel the same as I did? or not?

     Ferrero also debuted their coconut flavor "RAFFAELLO". Great for people who like coconut, but definitely something not for me. I hate coconut for some reason. The smell makes we wanna vomit. I can smell it from miles away. Anything that has coconut. I will pass. Even if it is coated in chocolate-y goodness. It can't mask the taste of the evil coconut!

     But my ultimate favorite is Kinder Bueno, Kinder Surprise, Kinder Chocolate they are also made by Ferrero. Pricey but I love Kinder products. They are just so creamy and yummy! Top to bottom. Inside and out! and to be honest it is not crazy sweet but just right for the taking! I love putting it in the freezer before eating them because I don't like it melting inside the plastic when I am eating it (savor every last bit) and the coldness adds this crazy icy sensation that is delectable.

     Last but not least. HANUTA! HANUTA! HANUTA! But what is Hanuta?


     While strolling along Duty Free the other day, I saw HANUTA. It was in Ferrero's Rochers shelf. So, I had the feeling that it was made by Ferrero and I thought that since anything that has something to do with Ferrero's is great (minus the coconut) I decided to grab one. No harm no foul in trying something new right? That's how discoveries are made in the first place. I don't think this risk would kill me in a few seconds so I decided to give it a go.

     Since I know little or nothing about Hanuta I decided to do a little research about this yummy bad boy while writing this. Turns out it is made by Ferrero too. JACKPOT! (I wonder what gave it away? Was it that it was just beside Ferrero Rocher? Haha) So it was no surprise to me that it was great! Hanuta, when you hear that word, what comes to mind? For me it sounds Hawaiian or something. Hakuna matata I say. Not Hawaiian but Timon and Pumbaa wore hula skirts once upon a time! What I thought was just a weird name for something turns out to be that HANUTA is actually short for HAsel NUss TAfel or in English HAZEL NUT BAR! Smart right? Something that actually means something.

     It has said to be in the market since 1959 in Germany, and finally it has found its way to the Philippines after 50 years! About time. I have no idea if you have already tried this, but this is my first time to see Hanuta here and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Ferrero products.

     It is a typical chocolate wafer but with hazelnut bits inside the chocolate that tastes much like nutella and ferrero because maybe they are?? Perfect in every bite! Great for a to-go snack for kids and adults! Minus all the melting chocolate in your hands for $5.45 or around P240.00 for 18 pieces per pack I think. Not bad for a Ferrero Rocher substitute which costs way way more but tastes the same.

Even if I had a mini "paranoid" moment that I had diabetes. I still get my daily doze of my vitamin C. Short of vitamin Chocolate. Enjoy, but not too much! :)

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