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SHINE Bakery and Cafe's savory buffet, dessert buffet and party trays is everything you need and more!

I'm sure that will be one hell of a party! :)
was the last thing I said about SHINE in my last post about them, but now let me tell you more!

For starters, I almost never win anything in my life that it is nothing new for me to lose. Not the luckiest person in the world either, I can't even win a single dime when gambling (by none, I mean no beginner's luck too!). Good thing though! But seriously, 1st, 2nd, 3rd price or place has left my brain since- forever.

They say that people have their moments and I had "that" moment when I least expected it.

What a fat grin I have! Hohoho

But before I proceed with this entry. Proud to show my photo op. with the ever so beautiful Chef Sunshine Pengson! Her baked goods are as sweet as her smile! But I'll tell you more about the sweets a little later. Thanks for the goodies btw!

As I stepped inside SHINE, I felt like the world was smiling despite the bad weather outside. It has been raining crazy these past few days, but not raining hard to be exact. So I am really puzzled as to why the whole metro is flooded. Even our house which is Ondoy and Yolanda proof had water rushing in from everywhere. Imagine everybody's surprise and panic!

But back to SHINE. I was really excited to go back there. My first time with big brother a.k.a. THE PICKIEST EATER, it was really good that it felt normal for me to be this excited on my way up.

Their UMAMI FRIES BTW still haunts me in my sleep. Anyone who dislike fries because of their bad rep. Forget about it! Let go of fear and let the pure love in! It might be a little costly for some thinking that "eeeh it's just potato". JUST ORDER IT and reevaluate!

So back to the event. I am still pretty terrified whenever I get invited to events. I think I will always and forever be a scared-y cat when it's time to meet people, especially new ones. I don't think I would ever get used to this feeling. It will always be shocking, exciting and heart pumping!

As I signed up at the entrance, my eyes kept looking for the Pickiest Eater and Rina's Rainbow name. Good thing they were there or else it would be a complete nightmare. (I wonder why I never asked if they will be there, hmmm come to think of it,  I think I was too excited that I forgot. Oh brother.)

Food filled the place from left to right. It smelled like succulent meat and tooth decaying desserts! Goodie! Clap clap!! But as I walked in, the back of my mind's still thinking about those goodie box beside the sign up sheet only to find out in the end that I was taking one of them home!! Oh the yummy things inside the box, everything in it- I liked.

But I immediately pushed them aside because I started thinking about the main course. Oh, btw.. Did you know that SHINE does CATERING?

Both for Entrees!
Their savory buffet rice ranges from 650 to 1000/ person depending on what you want, and of course "THE BUDGET"!
 and wait for it.... DESSERTS TOO!!!!
With price ranging from 175 to 500 per person for 100 person
Pretty much anywhere you want. You can have it in their :

  • Shine Bakery and Cafe in SM Aura
  • in your backyard
  • in your garden
  • pool side
  • your room terrace?
  • or maybe in your dreams too!, etc..

If you have loved V&$*#@ catering and all those other famous caterers, it is time for you to try out some other company.. Ehem Ehem!! SHINE!! Have them for your :

  • next baby's birthday
  • your baby shower
  • your dream wedding
  • your birthday, etc.. 
  • or even if you just feel like you want to gather up your friends and loved ones. 
Not only will the food surprise you, but their setting too!

I think their fresh approach to things will surely make you feel younger or at least remind you of your young days. 

You know how when you were little and it was your first time to eat cookies or maybe that first lick off of your ice cream in the cone, or maybe how the aroma of coffee was stuck in your nose hair.

You'll end up either loving it for the rest of you life or not.

But I was in love with the Pengson's even before SHINE, they had me since OTKB.

If you haven't heard here's the link (OTKB), but pardon the ugly photos I had there. It wasn't my best.

Here's an idea of what the spread was like. A little Willy Wonka heaven don't you think?

To my Shine is really something, it's impact on me was different. It is a place you'll want to visit ever so often because it made you happy. I cannot put into words how I feel, so I am crossing my finger and hopes that somebody caught my drift).

It is not just for business, it's a place where dreams come to life for the Pengson's (and me). Kind of a winter wonderland place of some sort!

SHINE's like ice cream for me. I love it, I am addicted to it, I can't have enough of it. 

The place is certainly new! It is hip. It will fit you like leggings. Although, you might not fit in your leggings when they are done with you. I kid.

But seriously. They do it with passion, love and dedication. The very thing you want present during your special moments, other than the good food of course! People might forget what nth event of yours that is, but they would surely remember the good food they ate. 

Well at least for me that is how it always works! I may forget about who got married and when it was, who's kid's birthday it is, etc. but great food, that I cannot forget!

The plate above consists of the top 3 things I found most outstanding over the several dozen things that were laid out and according to what I've managed to try. (best to least)
  1. Almond Yema Sansrival Cake
  2. Salted Caramel Macaron
  3. Meringue Kisses
The Almond Yema Sansrival Cake was the star for me. Even before the cake broke ground, it certainly looked promising. I wasn't so sure that it would be just right, because I have no idea what Yema tastes like. It is definitely my 1st yema and I liked it. I wonder why I have never tried it before, but at least my 1st time wasn't a downer.


To be honest, I am quite puzzled about that recent sansrivals I've had, they all seemed to be very hard to cut. It would be a great birthday cake, but it is hard to chop it down to bite sizes (with poise).

What's up with that? But even if it is hard, it surely melts when it is inside your mouth! And it makes for an awesome birthday cake!!! Wish my mom can read this post. Haha!

Up next is the Salted Caramel Macaron, it was another star for me. I should have bought a box or two before I left, but I was seriously experiencing SUGAR COMA after everything I ate!

It was super everything I wanted it to be. I have no idea how the ever so famous Laduree macarons tastes like, but I am very contented with SHINE's.

The third runner up for me was the Meringue! I remember when I was a little girl, we used to have this bake shop/resto beside FEU. I would always love going to work with mom and dad, not because I wanted to help out, but because I would always look forward to sitting next to the cash register which was very conveniently located beside the tray of meringues. I would sit there for hours at a time (which is not possible) sinking my rotten teeth into the guts of the meringue until I feel like I am all powered up for the next 50 years!!

If I was a year 2000 kid, I would have probably been diagnosed with ADHD, but it was just called sugar rush in year 1990's.

They also had a bunch of other stuff like cupcakes, eclairs, bunch of other cakes, cookies and pastries!


Now that I have killed you with sweetness, let me take you to the main course!

So food photos sort of bad, coz' I am dying to eat (excuse me please)

For starters had the best sandwich in the world!

Now I am a chicken fan. I love a good chicken leg or thigh, but when restaurants can make me eat chicken breast and manage to get a smile off of me, it is a really great place to eat chicken! And this is a place where you should eat chicken! So good. I wish I could say "just like how mom used to make", but..... Can't! Haha I love you mom.

Up next chicken cordon bleu! (and now we all know how I hate cheese) but this was like crazy good! I don't know what Shines does to me, but they make me appreciate cheese like never before. It doesn't over power all the other things inside it like the breading, chicken and ham. It kind of almost feel like it wasn't there, but it was! Thumbs up!

Now this buster is kind of scary for me, but everyone else there loved it, so it must be good. Who am I kidding!!? Everything in Shine is good! Oh! If you love parties or mini gatherings with friends like I do, they also do PARTY TRAYS!!!! Which are good for 15-20 pax!! Price ranging from 1800 to 2500 per tray.

SHINE BBQ PORK RIBS w/ TANGY HOMEMADE BBQ SAUCE was like one of the best things I ate that day. Heaven in every bite, in every chew.

If I did not manage to make you drool. There is something wrong with my post. Lol!

So you might wanna get in touch with them. They have the best attitude, which I loved! Their smile is infectious and you'll surely love the owners too! If you get to meet them. Like ME!!!!!! <3

Okay I know I lost my eyes in this photo, I just couldn't contain the joy! This was a long over due photo with the chef who melted my heart. I never understood chef fanatics before. Now I know... Hahahaha! I was looking forward to having to meet chef since OTKB!

So what you waiting for?!?!

Call them at : +632 553 65 55; +63917 704 71 18

Available the whole week long from : 10 am to 10 pm!

You'll shine even brighter during your shining moments with

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