Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Find happiness inside HANAMARUKEN - Trinoma

If I could ask for another brother. I don't just want another one. I want a specific one. I want the PICKIEST EATER. Why?! For all the right reasons. He is the brother I never had, but now have.

People would always say that a family that prays together, stays together. Yeaaah, but for me it is more of a family that eats together, stays together. (Hungry hippo much?)

I think it was not fate, but it was by chance that I got to meet him and his loving family Rina and Rain a few Christmas ago and all I can say is that things has never been the same.

I have heard about this place from him and I have been dying to try this place out. But with the constant long line, I have been putting it off. 

No matter how much I want to try a place out, if there is a line. I cannot wait. I would rather go to another place. Yes?

But thank goodness that I happen to be in the mall earlier than usual that I finally have the chance to have this place all by myself! Well not all by myself, but you know what I mean..

And a bowl of hot ramen is the perfect accessory to this rainy weather. I promise you that it will keep you warm, fuzzy, and HAPPY!

My first impression was.. WOAH! Groovy chairs and decor! They didn't have the usual boring plain set up. It was just beautiful for me, from the outside to the inside. And did I mention the food!?

Yes. The food was SPECTACULAR! I was actually looking around while I was waiting for our order and I haven't seen a "bad food face" from any of the other customers and that was definitely a thumbs up!

And from that moment "the bowl" was set down in front of me. HEAAAVEN! Now I understood all the happy faces I was seeing.

Reason why I hate jammed up places is that : I can't pick a place where I can solemnly eat my hot ramen. My timing was just right, I can choose where I wanna sit. Hoooray!

I was actually wanting to sit in their cute high chairs. But my brain suddenly screamed : "STRANGER DANGER!!". But sometimes it is fun to sit beside strangers. Right? Haha or you may sit in a long benches with people you love or where ever you please. I think you can even sit...

|  |
|  |
\    /

HANAMARUKEN is located at the 2rd floor of Trinoma. Near the outside fountain and my favorite dessert place : Red Mango.

On to the food!

If you love fat/grease like me! Their "POT BELLY" is your best option. I mean it is like crazy tender juicy! Everything you can ask for. Great meat, great soup, great noodles! Great everything! I wish I could just soak inside their broth boiler..

But if you ask my mom what is the best!? She would say....

SIGNATURE HAPPINESS RAMEN! Just because the bones on the meat adds a certain wonderful flavor to the dish! Can you picture it?! Slow-braised custom cut soft bone pork rib?! It is the masterpiece of their founder TAKAKU ARAKAWA!

It was perfect except for one thing..

It was missing the most vital ingredient for me!

AJI TAMAGO!!!!!!!!

A bowl of ramen can and will never be perfect without this! And even if an egg is just P10 or so. Paying P50 for it is really worth it, especially when I am eating ramen this good!

So even if I know I would be happy with just the noodles and egg alone. Good old Mr. Gyoza would not be forgotten. I was actually quite surprised to see that there was more than 4 pcs in one plate! Thank God! It really excited me. Weird right?! 

Small but many is good, big but few is bad. Those things might actually start another war! Leading to strike, famine and death! Haha

Over all experience was good and definitely coming back for more! This is one of those places that serves a handful of things, but you'll be happy with what they have!


Check out their website : http://hanamaruken.ph/

Like their Facebook page : hanamarukenph

Don't forget to follow them on twitter : hanamaruken_ph


  1. Much love little sis! Can't wait to see you again!

    1. Me too! Kelan na ba schedule natin?? :) You so busy my big man! Artistahin na! Wink wink!!


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