Saturday, June 28, 2014

Red Bus for the Birthday Girl!

I must admit that I like.. (No! Love) to splurge myself when it's my special day. And for this very day, I chose to splurge in a different way.

Ideally, I would love to eat lunch in a fine restaurant or have a buffet dinner with friends and family.

But yesterday.. was a different day.

I think at this point in time, I've deduced that food should not be about quantity, but QUALITY.

But where to find quality food for such an amount?

Normally, I would be thinking 5 star hotel restaurants, well renowned joints, etc..

But really, anybody and everybody feels like they are a cook now a these days that all you need to do is open your eyes, be brave and pick a random place!

And with my happy-go attitude!

I'm glad to report that : I found the place!

I thought that this showcase piece must probably not be running anymore, that was why it was used as a food truck, but I was so wrong.

It was far from broken but definitely not in it's best years, although it can still run decently, it needs a "special permit" and a "special driver" to do that. Special means, not just any driver! He/She needs to be a Volkswagen mechanic/expert!

This iffy place used to be someplace else, but has found a more permanent home near Sinangag Express and Shell Aguinaldo Highway of Tagaytay City.

If you are totally particular with where you eat for fear of the unknown, leave that bag because the bus needs to go!

All these cute little trinkets and it's over all design is what made me notice it in the first place.

Seriously, how could you not notice a RED Volkswagen bus!? 

That is impossible not unless you are colorblind!

I think I love places like this, more than the dressed up ones. Why?! Coz' I can totally be me, lay back and enjoy the sun. I am right now totally wishing that there was a beach somewhere within arm reach. Like 2 tumbling's away!! That would totally blow my mind!

Their awesome BLUE OCEAN LEMONADE for just P35 was the perfect refreshment! Yesterday wasn't the coldest day to be in Tagaytay, nonetheless it was just right.. But they also have a RASPBERRY ICED TEA if you want something less acidic.

P 165
They had 4 burgers to choose from.

They have their best seller but somehow the MEJICOMBI was calling out to me. I think it was the TexSalsa that caught me, be but seriously! IT WAS THE BEST ONE FOR ME!

It's one of the best burgers out there PROMISE!! A P165 is still not an expensive burger if you ask me. Very affordable especially after "THAT ONE BITE".

And to think that ingredients are all imported except for the buns, which are locally sourced. But honestly, who needs imported bread when this one is all you need! The sesame's on the soft fluffy buns was like biting down on clouds. Seriously, clouds?! Feels like they just disintegrate by themselves, but you'll be happy!

I was like TAKE MY MONEY and give me another one!.. please? :)

It is places like these that make me love what I do. I love exploring and I love a good adventure.

The wait for the burger totally tortured me. The crazy good burger smell was OOOOZING from the bus and it was hard to wait for my food!

Don't fret about which burger you should choose because all their burger patties are made from ANGUS beef which is btw, pure heaven.

I can still totally feel what I was feeling when I was eating the burger. I was totally dreaming of that burger the whole day yesterday!

For someone who has just started this December 2013, they have surely made their mark on the people who were lucky enough to come across them. Like me!

I will definitely be driving down just to grab me a burger!

LOCATION : Somewhere along Aguinaldo Highway of Tagaytay City, near Sinangag Express and Shell Gas Station.

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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