Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Last call for HALF OFF Buffalo Wild Wings TUESDAY!!

Hello world! Who here doesn't love options?! Raise thy hands!!

If you don't, that's crazy talk! Who wouldn't?! Throw some wings into the equation and viola! You are in for an amazing treat! So today we'll be talking about Buffalo Wild Wings. They currently have 4 branches you can choose from

They have 12 signature sauces and some 5 dry seasonings for you to choose from. The possibilities are endless here my man!

But don't panic!

They won't leave you guessing and dying to wish you can order them all because you can do a TASTE TEST! Now ain't that great?

Below are the sauces up close from the tamest and to the wildest (left to right). I have personally tasted them all and trust be, the battle begins when you have to choose just ONE (there were a couple of great contenders).

Now if you are a tough cookie and you are up for a challenge.. oooh they have something BIG in store for you!

Now that we are done with the appetizer. Let us talk about serving sizes.

If it's a slow lonely night for you their 5 piece snack size might do the trick! (Side note : I don't think so! this will never be enough) Their 10 piece is the LEAST you should get 'coz their wings are amazing, even if you are eating alone.
Snack size - at least 5 for Php 325
But if you and your friends are tied to the hip, one large size won't do (by the measure of friends I always have with me). But hey it's a sports bar, so the more the merrier right?!

Large - at least 20 pcs for Php 1145

But if wings aren't your thing (not sure what you'll be doing inside. KIDDING!) they have tons of other things for you to choose from like salads, wraps, flatbreads (I prefer to call them fancy pizza), burgers and sandwiches but most of all they have a


Oh I almost forgot they do have something for the kiddies too! Like traditional wings, cheese flatbread, naked tenders or mini corn dogs. I've always wondered.. is it weird for a full grown adult to order a kiddie meal? Those corn dogs sounds so freaking good! 

But no meal of mine will ever be complete without dessert. I love me some good cake and or ice cream. I can have my cake and eat it too (grown up baby speaking here). Their chocolate fudge cake is super moist and it is drizzled with chocolate sauce, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Perfect combination if you ask me!

Chocolate Fudge Cake - Php 325

Sports bar.. So if there's like an upcoming NBA game or another big boxing match, the 1st place you must remember to go to is BUFFALO WILD WINGS! The ambiance is just simply amazing. Service is amazing. Perfect place to get those adrenaline pumping! Oh they do have beer and again they'll give you options. They have both domestic and imports and most of all CRAFTS.

I don't know if most of you guys know of National Sports Grill. I used to frequent that place like crazy but sadly they have closed down already. I felt right at home there and it's nice that finally I have found a new home. WOOT WOOT!!

Check them out :



Branches :

  • Glorietta (02-832 57 26)
                 Ground floor, Glorietta 1
                               Sunday - Thursday : 11 : 00 am - 1 : 00 am
                               Friday - Saturday    : 11 : 00 am - 2 : 00 am

  • Capitol Commons (02-632 74 89)
                G/F, Estancia Mall (outside the mall)
                             Fridays - Saturday : 12 : 00 pm - 2 : 00 am
                             Sunday - Thursday : 11 : 00 am - 2 : 00 am

  • Uptown Mall in BGC
  • Conrad Hotel
  • Soon to open - Sta. Rosa Laguna

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