Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dennis the GRILL BOY at Spark Place

Firstly, I must say that I am more than happy to be back to babbling random stuff to you guys! I have been in hiatus in a while because I have been so busy focusing on my business and some random stuff. But as promised to myself.. I'll start writing again when Rina and Richie's baby is all set and running!

So here I am! Believe it or not I do not know if it is the growing old part that makes me me right now. But I so easily get bored and find that I would sometimes prefer NOT to go to malls (and that's a scary fact). I used to love spending each and every moment of my life IN THE MALL. Shopping and running around like there is no tomorrow (yes I run around, no kidding).

With that note, I have not been around much new restaurant in the past year, a few times a month, compared to the several times a week my whole life. Hence, no writing.

I had to come out of my tiny shell yesterday, woke up extra early and spent the day with beloved friends and boyfie of course!

Where you might ask? (If you are asking then you did not read the title! Kidding.. No seriously)

DENNIS THE GRILL BOY is now open in ROBINSON's SPARK PLACE in Cubao. It has been a decade since I last step foot near Cubao. Good thing my lakwatcha girl GPS memory was still working.

I was thrilled and happy to be invited of course. Thank you so much bossings RINA and RICHIE that you did not forget me despite me being MIA. I must say that the food was surprisingly good. Not that I doubted it! Kayo pa!


I did come with a rumbling tummy 'coz I didn't wanna be late and of course I was thinking the crazy traffic would add a good extra hour or 2 for us to get there and what professional P.G. (patay gutom) would I be if I came late right?? But the wait was so worth it!

Prices are very affordable to most people to begin with ranging from 42 php to 125 php max!
It is the best place to bring your friends and family!

They have most of my personal favorite food. Namely...

Over sa sulit! I was really happy from the 1st bite down to the last! Meat is soft and it was cooked just right off from the grill!

Liempo I love, their plate came with their special garlic white sauce, but I personally wasn't a fan. I liked it but I won't place it all over my plate like gravy. It was a little sweet and I think creamy for me. But it was definitely something new.

Oh tuna. The fish filled with Omega 3 goodness! It's great to grab a little fish here and there. Coz meaty person like me sometimes forget to eat fish. Need to be force fed. Lols!

Sorry for the baggy eye luggages I'm sporting. Been sleeping late these past few days. But disregard that and look at their pinaputok na bangus. This will surely be a HIT with you fish lovers out there or if you are on a diet, it's the perfect meal to order when there! The tomatoes and onions are in perfect sync!

But before I forget one of the most important thing..

O diba?! San ka pa!? It's friendly to all P.G.'s like me out there!

While writing this post, I am actually contemplating about what I'll be ordering when I go back!

It's also a great place to have a snack or two.


For more info! Check out their :

facebook page : Dennis the Grill Boy
instagram page : @thegrillboyph

Branches :
1. The Spark Place, 2nd floor (Landmark, Robinson's Supermarket, across SM Cubao)
2. Mall of Asia, ground floor, seaside bldv.
3. Sm City Pampanga, G/F

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