Monday, October 17, 2016

Darigold Chocolate Milk - best chocolate milk ever!

I was never a fan of drinking white milk since I was a little girl, I think I stopped drinking and asking for milk when I was 3? (now you know why I'm just 5 foot tall. LOLS, I could have been so much taller!! Gaaah). I've always felt like it tasted weird, super stomach hurling especially when I drink it early in the morning, but most of all when it's hot! Funny thing though, add chocolate in the mix and it is now a different ball game.

Do you guys know of Nestle's premium dairy milk?

This is the shiz, but in chocolate. I like can't live without it before. I wasn't sure when was the first time I've tried it or who make me try it or how I got hooked. I've always found the locally made Magnolia's fresh chocolate milk to be the best, but somehow they are now nowhere to find. My mom was sad too since it was her favorite chocolate milk drink too. She was luckier because when she was a little girl, they had their fieldtrip inside Nestle's factory in now what's Robinson's Magnolia.

Last time I got a hold of  a 1 liter bottle, it was around 140 php and the small one was around 40 php. Expensive compared to other chocolate drinks. But it was so WORTH IT! It's shelf life was relatively short too, since it was a "fresh milk drink". Maybe it was why they took it out?

I was so desperate for that taste again that I just bought every chocolate milk I saw inside my usual supermarket. Taste test done, appetite lost but one did come out on top!

Although it is a low fat milk, which I never liked, I found it rather pleasing. It had the same thicker milky consistency like Magnolia's and the taste was SPOT ON!! A 237 mL bottle is 49.25 php in Unimart and I think Landers have them not sure about the price though. I'll update soon. This milk is not locally produced though, it is imported from Seattle, WA.

If you have nostalgia.. 90's kids. 80's kids. It is the drink that will truly satisfy your craving! If your kid hates white milk like I do. It might do the trick just for the sake that they drink "milk".

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