Sunday, November 24, 2013

Carol's Texan 5 : My Ultimate Comfort Food

After a days work. Everybody deserves a good meal. But good isn't the best! It has been a while since we ate here and since my dad and I are finished running around Greenhills Shopping Center. I told him it would be a great idea to eat at Carol's Texan since it was just a 5 minute drive from where we are.


     This is how it looks like from the outside, it is kinda hard to find restaurants who are located at the 2nd floor or above if you are not really looking for it or looking out from the car. 

Address : 2F 713 J. Abad Santos St. Barangay Little Baguio San Juan, Metro Manila (when you are on Wilson's Street, take a right turn when you see Alex the III and it won't be far and it will be on your right side)

Telephone number : 727-3843

Cell number : 0922-485-0154 ; 0917-817-1525

or you can go to their website :

     There are a lot of great places to eat in San Juan but this place is just perfect.  It feels like I own the place, I even have my own retreat area I always prefer to sit, and this is where my meal and I can dine in peace. 

I also love eating at out of no where little restaurants where the food can surprise me and gives me an authentic feel of their own little creation. Sometimes the big joints feels over board. You pay for commercial prices, not for quality and quantity prices.

     Carol's Texan is my little food haven. Affordable price, great food, service and ambiance. Whenever we go there, it feels deserted, barely a table or two. But you would always see them preparing a lot of take-out meals. But seriously I love the fact that whenever we go there, there is no line, no need to wait for a table. I feel like royalty because all the servers there are only serving me. Kidding aside. They have really great service, and they also have a very friendly staff, unlike those grumpy people serving food in other restaurants. The service crew sometimes just really gets to my bones. I feel like even if I love the food, I sure as hell ain't going back.

     If you decide to have a party here. They have this mini space where you can fool around with friends and family. Since their theme is the wild wild west, they have a bull ride waiting for you to test how long you can stay on. Although I have been there alot of times, haven't really seen it working. But it sure looks like fun when you are out with friends or when celebrating something. 

     Since we all Instagram everything. You can also take WANTED photos of you just in case you get lost or what not! You can bring your wild west hat if you own one! and scream HOWDY MATE from the top of your lungs. If ever you decide to go here, maybe you would want to wear your BOOTIES, and your table cloth shirt. haha I meant your checkered shirt and mini skirt! Insane or fun? :P I might try that someday.

Wild West Entertainment Area

     While waiting for my food, I saw that they have a new mini shop right beside the entrance of the restaurant. It was a little shop but I found myself wondering inside for a while, taking it all in. I thought to myself that I don't or can't have this type of business, because I would probably keep everything to myself. Especially with cute rare finds. I won't have the heart to sell it.

     They have loads of cute stuff inside. They have cute little plates, wooden key chains, pillows, figurines and displays, vases, trays, stuffed toys, and bunch of other buting-tings girls can't help but hoard or is it just me? It is just that sometimes when I see something I really like, I have to have it. I should probably buy it, because I hate how I feel when I don't and I can't stop obsessing about how I should have bought it, and I go back. AND IT IS GONE! FOREVER!! I wanna kill myself! hahaha kidding! The eye wants what the eye wants! There is no arguing with that.

So here is an idea of how the store looks like from outside


Bling those ears
Rack of Goodness  

     The very first time I learned about Carla's Texan was when I was browsing online about food coupons. If I am not mistaken I think it was on Ensogo, they were one of the first coupon websites. I was so skeptic back then that before I purchase a coupon I would actually call the restaurant and ask if there is such a deal. I felt like it was better to be safe than sorry. So I bought a few and went there with my family.

     The food was GREAT. First time in and everyone has the same favorite dish. TEXAN GRILLED BELLY! uhhhh Those juicy fats will truly kill me. Why are they so good! To me they are like this super thick bacon that is ooozing with goodness! We have been coming back to this place like how a junkie goes back to their supplier for more. Whatever you order on their menu will surely dazzle you. But favorites are favorites for a reason. I don't care if this belly goes to my belly bee coz its BELLY BELLY YUMMY!

Texan Grilled Belly ( P265.00)
6 pcs. Dynamite Wings ( P225.00)
     This weekend or after work make sure that you visit this little heaven if you want a break from the ramen madness. Go back to the good old american food. Eat like there is no tomorrow, because if you get a taste of their food, you will live another day! Whoever owns this place. I LOVE YOU. hahaha I swear, their Grilled Belly is to die for. I suddenly remembered that inmates get to choose their last meal. I was wondering about their last meal, is it just one dish? or can it be multiple? Even if I get just one, I think this Grilled belly would be on the top of my list!

     If you want to see better photos of their mouth watering food, go check out their website, they have great photos of their dishes. :)


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