Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wasabi Mayonnaise + ___ = Heaven

     I love food a lot and whenever I see something I haven't seen before. I wanna try it and I just hate it when other people say what if it is no good!? If you say that to me. I will definitely tell you. How the hell will we know if we don't try it. And I sure am right! Right? If it is not good, well at least I would know and tell everyone "don't try that!" Talk about bad publicity! But there are times when I feel like the food looks good but is insanely bad, gah! those are the times that I just wanna strangle myself. Waste of money! Haha I should have gotten myself a sure thing. But this is how we get to discover new favorites, by going beyond out comfort zone and into the unknown.

     So, my point is that we had fried fish Dori for lunch today and I usually use Kraft's Tar Tar sauce for the fish's dressing. But then I remembered that I went to Lucky Chinatown Mall last week and purchased Trader Joe's Wasabi Mayonnaise. 

     It isn't always easy to buy newly marketed condiments because it comes in such big jars and you have no idea if it would be any good or not! If you buy the jars and you didn't like it, I am quite sure that some wouldn't just throw it away and it would be sitting in your refrigerators until past the expiration date. I wish that they would just market smaller packs of things especially new goodies which you can purchase and taste test them if it is for you or not because if you like it. You would definitely purchase again. But if nobody is adventurous enough to buy it how would it sell? So I would like to tell you about how I feel with Trader Joe's Wasabi Mayonnaise.

     DID HEAVEN MAKE THIS?!? I was very excited and all but I cautiously opened the bottle and smelled it. I felt weird that I smell it, smelled weird at first but then I smelled it again. My stuffed nose wasn't right because it was ooozing with wasabi goodness! It didn't look so good because it was so pale. It was light green, and eewie stuff came to mind. But it looked perfectly like wasabi and mayo mixed together. I wasn't so sure when we bought this thing, so I only placed a little amount as some of the horse radish family is disgusting for me, but it tasted great with the fish. The combination was perfect! Think of Fish and Co. But better! Sometimes a little amount goes a long way, you don't have to place a spoonful just to get the kick! Good news is that it is also gluten free! This jar would last me a good 6 months of dressing because each jar contains 340 grams of wasabi goodness for only P 390.00 from The Food Bin, or from Taste Central for only P270.00! It is a perfect condiment for anything. You don't always have to eat out to have a great meal. Sometimes the best dish are the one's cooked fresh from your home. Add the fact that this fried fish dori is the house specialty every family gathering! Next time we won't be using just mayo.

     I am actually waiting for our next trip to the grocery to buy some chicken fillet, and make my own version of McSpicy from Mcdonalds. I am calling it wasabi chicken fillet! The thought of it is already making me drool.

     If you love Japanese food like me. I think it would actually be a good. No, great! substitute for the ordinary sushi mayonnaise when you make your own sushi at home. Be it inside the sushi or on top of it! It would definitely give it an extra kick! Possibilities are endless!

 When you get your own jar, tell me if it was as good for you as it was for me! :) 

Happy eating!
Go crazy!

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