Saturday, October 12, 2013

Catch "The Food Bin" at 4 different locations this Oct 11-13!


     Since everyone is so frantic to buy Trader Joe's Cookie Butter I cannot say anything bad because it is good, but here is another contender Mr. Lotus Biscoff. I personally like it more. I am not really sure why, but I think it might be because it is insanely smoother, and no matter how much I put on the bread, it doesn't have the ERR feeling. So just like in Trader Joe's I prefer the crunch one over the smooth one. There is just more punch to it! We have been eating the smooth Biscoff spread for a few days. Luckily The food bin is having a weekend sale for Biscoff for only P399.00!! and ooooh!! If you love bread spreads! They have this 2 things that are rolled into 1!!! Ask for the White chocolate peanut butter spread. Imagine chocolate and peanut butter! It is like PB and J!!! for P395.00. Looks good! Taste good! I cannot express myself enough!! If you can hear the joy I am feeling, you would be deaf by now! So you really have to go one of their outlets this weekend!

Wasabi Mayonnaise for P395.00Biscoff Cookie Spread for P399.00

     But Trader Joe's selection doesn't stop with the cookie butter. They also have this WASABI MAYONNAISE for P395.00. I am hoping that it would be as good as how I like wasabi for my sushi! I wasn't really sure about it, but dad insisted so why not give it a shot! But before that I thought of a horseradish we ate a while back, I don't know what was wrong, is it the food or me? But it was BAD! So I hope this is the sushi wasabi love that I have. Suddenly had a food dream. Bread+Chicken Fillet+WASABI MAYO. I have to try that soon! 

      So here is where you can get the goodies! THE FOOD BIN! They are like ants, it is just everywhere! They have their main branch at Katipunan Ave.they have all the great goodies and more! They also got other imported frozen goods there! Fancy supermarket for me! and I love it. Who doesn't love good food!? You are not suppose to be so conscious, love who you are! 

     This October 11-13 weekend they are at :

  • Lucky Chinatown, 2nd floor near King Chef! 
  • Trinoma, 2nd floor near Rolex
  • Robinson's Magnolia, Food court level
  • Alabang Town Center, Eastwood Mall gourmet market.
YOU REALLY HAVE TO VISIT THEM! Heaven sent food items! Grab yours before everyone else has! :P

     Like I said they have loads of good stuff! They have different kinds of oreo!! I love oreo! I used to eat only half the cookie cheek and the cream inside. Leaving one cheek behind! My mom would always scold me! So when Oreo made the double stuffed! God answered my prayers! No more cookie left behind! But God suddenly decided to give me another gift! MINT! for only P 330.00. I pray that it would be good. So I got my hands on one! I think I like mint more now because it looks like my baby Scrump who is Lilo's doll.

Mint Oreo for P 330.00

      I asked the kind lady a while ago if they do deliver, and she says they do but you only have to pay for your shipping fee! If I am stuck home, I wouldn't mind. With online shopping mania these days. We all had our fair share of shipping fees. But I am not so sure if there would be a minimum amount or not.

     If you cannot visit them this weekend because of the heavy rain and wind, you can always go to their permanent store at 201 Katipunan Ave. Blueridge QC.  which is open from 10 am to 7 pm Daily or visit their facebook page at or call them at 02-439-38-40 or 0927-657-0257 or email them at


So here are my new picks of the week! Stay safe everyone :)

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