Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen : Just gotta have some more

     When you had something great. You can't help but go back for more. It is not only applicable for love but also for love of food! When I went back to Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen and I was flipping through the pages. I am not one who will miss out something good from the menu page. So, I wondered what those 2 new photos are. New flavors??! I asked the lady and she said yes it is new. My first thought was that it is fitting for the coming Christmas season. Green and red! I went ahead to ordering the two. She said they are both spicy but seeing that they had the chef's recommendation beside them. I can never go wrong with either ramen.

     The green is known as YUZU-TAMA Tonkotsu which has a strong peppery taste with lime. If you are up to an adventure this is the way to go.

YUZU-TAMA Tonkotsu (P380.00)

 The red is known as AKA Tonkotsu which is Miso based with hot sauce! If you are the traditional type of person, this is something for you. Traditional ramen but better!

AKA Tonkotsu (P380.00)

   Both are great but it depends on what you feel like eating! But the green one which they advertise as unlike any other AND IT IS!! Their 6 pcs. gyoza is also phenomenon! Went flying off the dish straight to our mouths! 

Gyoza (P150.00)
     Next time you are in Shangri-La Plaza, I really recommend this place! All other restaurants beside it are as dry as the desert, but Ikkoryu is full of fish like the ocean! You have to wait a while to get a table, but truly is worth the wait! 

     Some people think that long lines mean good food. But I prefer to eat earlier if it means avoiding the long line and crowd. It is sometimes better to have quality time with your ramen. For the ultimate food experience taking your time with every sip and gulp. But I can't because I have to eat a little faster just because I don't like cold soup :) If you are a ramen freak this is the way to go. Although 1 bowl of ramen doesn't come cheap and the prices just keeps jacking up. I know you have a good broth and for some it is enough, but I hope that they would just place a little more meat for human being who actually love them without paying extra! <3 But even if I have this complain, I still can't stop ordering ramen. 

      You have to try it!

Now they have 3 branhes that can cater to your Ramen needs.

  • Shangri-la Branch-Level 5 East Wing Tel No. 477 8333
  • SM Aura Branch -2/F SM Aura Premier Tel No. 478 0333/478 8333
  • Power Plant Mall Branch – Concourse Level Power Plant Mall Tel No. 897 8088

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